Liftcourse English held through 

Our goal is to help companies/customers move from traditional e-learning to courses that activate the participant with activities that resemble real working life. The courses are designed to provide professional benefit as well as a sense of mastery, so that the participants will leave the training with increased motivation and commitment. After completing the training, the participants will receive a course certificate.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all personnel working with lifts acquire the required qualifications and necessary training.

2011-12-06 nr 1357: Regulations concerning the execution of work, the use of work equipment, and the associated technical requirementsChapter 10: Requirements concerning the use of work equipment. (In Norwegian only)

It is required that you have basic knowledge in English in writing and verbally. its required that the person must be 18 years old to get documentation certificate.

Ensure that your company and your employees comply with mandated safety regulations and follow protocol when working at heights.

We need minimum 5 persons for course completion!

Arrangements can be made for additional classes in Norwegien, Litauisk or Polish. Please pay attention to upcoming classes on our calendar for dates and times as we arrange these frequently based on demand. Classes can also be arranged on other dates by further agreement. For more information please contact us at +47 22 80 61 61.

Price. kr 2490,-

<< Last chance for cancellation is 24 hours before class start,  It is required that you have basic knowledge in English in writing and verbally.

Important, You must know the address of the employer because it is there your certificate of competence is beeing sent.>>

After completing the course theory and practice, the applicant will be forwarded a training certificate.